One in Eight

現在私たちが乳がんと診断される割合は、日本で14人に一人そしてアメリカでは8人に一人...英語でのサポートミーティングでお会いするキャサリンさんの詩をお届けします。 One in Eight by Catherine Gigante-Brown

You can’t imagine living through this. Maybe that’s why you’re so nice, so supportive. If not for the grace of God go you. One in eight, I think it’s probably more. When I walk into a room, you count. One in eight, if it’s me, then it’s probably not you, so you breathe a sigh of relief. One in eight, it’s not as bad as you might imagine, just a bump of fat, decorative, really, but it served me well, helped feed my son, and yes, we had some fun. One in eight, “You’re living my worst nightmare,” some might look at me and think, but not really: My worst nightmare would be being dead at 53. You see, my left breast was trying to kill me.